Accepted Materials 

At Wasted Metals R&R we accept a number of items not collected by local collection companies or some eco centers.  This list is far from complete, but should give a pretty good idea of materials we accept. 

There is a $20.00 per item charge for picking up large items found in the Large Appliance section and some of the larger Exercise Equipment.  Charges for picking up large items not covered in the these two lists may apply.

To prevent damage of your property, we do not to go inside your residence to collect items.  All items for pickup must be in an easy to access location such as the driveway or garage.  We can collect small appliances or electronics, as well as boxes of items from your front entrance.

     We only accept cash.   No cheques, debit or credit cards. 

Large Appliances (pickup charges apply)

-          Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher,  Freezer, Air conditioner, Hot Water Tank

 Small Appliances 

-          Toaster, kettle, blender, rice cooker, electric  grills, coffee maker, Microwave

 Kitchen Misc. 

-          Pots, pans, baking sheets, metal mixing bowls, cutlery, metal cooking utensils


-          TV, DVD player, VCR, Receivers, Stereos, Monitors,  Computer Tower, Mouse, Keyboard, Game Consoles, controllers, cables, cell phones, speakers, lap tops, alarm clocks

 Exercise Equipment (some pickup charges may apply)

-         Exercise Bikes, benches, stair masters, rowing machines, metal weights, Elliptical machines, metal dumb bells, curl bars


-          Electric yard tools, metal patio furniture, metal garden tools, metal fencing, gazebo,  metal sheds, BBQs, chain saws, lawn mowers


-          Tools, metal decorations, electrical and plumbing materials, wire, Christmas lights, lamps, fans, metal bed frames

 We do not accept organic or items made of all plastic.  We also do not accept materials filled with garbage, chemicals or other refuse.